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The first shirt I ever printed I used plastisol ink and boy was I pumped.  After printing handfuls of scratchy prints on low end shirts I was hooked.   Shortly after searching for ways to make my prints softer.  That's when I fell in love with water-based inks.  Soft prints that made the design look like they were part of the shirt, and not an afterthought.


Water-based inks have many challenges, and is why a lot of shops don't make it their ink of choice.  We feel the challenges are worth it.  Giving  our clients a higher end product in the end.


We choose from two different types of water-based inks, depending on garment style.  See the differences below.

Water-Based Delete & Dye

Also known as discharge printing,  Our D&D inks work by bleaching/deleting the original color of the garment and re-dying the garment with your color of choice.  Because we're re-dying the fabric you're left with a super soft print that breaths and feels soft on your skin.


We recommend 100% Cotton garments or natural fibers for best print results.  If your garment choice is a blend or tri-blend - fear not.  We have found using our D&D inks can leave great results that end up being more muted or vintage like.

HSA Water-Based Ink

HSA's (High Solid Acrylic.  When a really bright vibrant color is needed in your design and the garment fabrics don't let us achieve that with our D&D Inks we switch to HSA's.  When printing with these inks on dark blended or synthetic garments, we get really nice bright poppy results.  Where as we might not be able with our D&D inks.


When printing on dark garments we need to usually add a  white under base to make that top color pop.  When using this method there is a slight hand to the print, but hardly noticeable  after a few wash cycles.


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Our Inks